Home is a hotel

April, 2023

We Won!

Home is a Hotel wins TWO awards at the SF International Film Festival.

We are thrilled to share Home Is a Hotel was awarded the Audience Award and the McBaine Bay Area Documentary Jury Prize at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

From the Jury:
There is not a more important or timely film — Home Is a Hotel is essential viewing to promote empathy for those who are faced with the insurmountable challenges of affordability in San Francisco.

Our premiere was an emotional and rewarding screening unlike any we have ever experienced. Christina, Sunbear, Jacque, Sylvester, and Esther’s friends joined us on stage for the Q&A, and we witnessed firsthand the film’s profound impact on everyone in the room. Our sense of accomplishment and gratitude to be able to share this film has only been made possible with your support over these years.